CPC partners with Clay-Greene

Clay-Greene manufactures a complete line of packaged pumping stations that have a proven design used in hundreds of installation sites. Some of the benefits of their pump stations include a tried-and-true design, stellar performance, worry-free installation and up-front pricing for each package.

For pre-engineered pump stations, they offer the ES, VI, VT, EES and EVI series. Each of these are designed to deliver exceptional performance within set parameters. Pre-engineered stations can be transformed into a complete package by furnishing it in fiberglass or concrete enclosures. After enclosures are added, the only required components are a connection to electrical power and suction/discharge piping.

At Clay-Greene, custom pump stations are available for unique needs. Their team of engineers and technicians help create the right product with a variety of pumps, controls, materials and components.

EES and EVI Series- Compact Package Stations

The iconic doghouse style of the EES and EVI series pump stations are the packages that made Clay-Greene. With over 600 installed units, this package have become the go-to booster package for engineers and developers working on rural and municipal water system projects across the Southeast. Standard packages come with pump station flows from 50GPM to 400GPM and standard booster pressures to 175PSI. The EES and EVI stations pull duty as constant pressure booster pumps, tank fill applications and water system transfer stations. Packages are ready for your water system with UL Listings, NSF61 and NEC70 compliance. Clay-Greene Package Stations are engineered to be dependable with decades of service for maximum uptime.

ES Series – End Suction Package Stations

Engineered for high flows and medium head applications offered as complete package with single pump flows up to 4000GPM and pressures to 450’TDH. Simplex, duplex and triplex configurations are offered, utilizing close coupled or frame mounted pumps in NSF-61, ANSI, sub-ANSI and regenerative turbine designs. Perfect for pressure boosting, water mist and boiler feed applications. Increased uptime with legendary Clay-Greene reliability.

SLS Series – Sewage Lift Stations

Clay-Greene custom engineers a solution for your submersible waste needs. Submersible pumps and controls in simplex or duplex basin assemblies are available and engineered for reliability.

SP Series- Self Priming Stations

Designed for solids-handling pumping utilizing above ground self priming pumps. All of the SP series pump stations offer direct drive motors coupled with variable frequency drives to allow for precise speed control in the field with out the need for belts and sheaves. Systems are optimized for the Clay- Greene tilt up doghouse enclosures. Tough packages designed for tough applications.

VI Series- Vertical Inline Package Stations

Engineered for high flows and medium head applications offered as complete package with single pump flows up to 4500GPM and pressures to 1200’TDH. Simplex, duplex and triplex configurations are offered, utilizing either vertical multi-stage or single-stage inline pumps. VI Series Stations are optimized for constant pressure and HVAC. Sustainable cost effective water delivery with Clay-Greene.

VT Series – Vertical Turbine Package Stations

Vertical Turbines provide versatile solutions for complex water needs. Offering engineered systems for demanding high volume and high pressure applications, VT Series packages are available in constant pressure or constant flow applications for raw water and cooling tower applications. The VT Series solutions are ideal for critical processes.

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