Liberty Pumps

CPC partners with Liberty Pumps

CPC is excited to announce it’s newest partnership with Liberty Pumps, extending it’s product offerings as a sewage, effluent and grinder distributor.

Liberty Pumps is an ISO 9001 certified company. This certification requires Liberty to demonstrate that its Quality System provides pumps that meet customer needs. It also aims to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement. At regular intervals, Liberty Pumps Quality System undergoes a rigorous external audit by the multinational registrar Bureau Veritas Quality International.

Liberty Pumps is committed to building customer enthusiasm through on-going advancements in design, manufacturing, marketing, delivery, and support of their products!

Sewage Pumps

Liberty Pumps manufactures a complete line of Sewage Pumps that are well designed and built to last. Available in multiple sizes for various applications, Liberty Pumps combines heavy duty material with special features that provide supreme durability and longevity. 

Complete product line includes:

  • LE40-Series
  • LE50-Series
  • LE70-Series
  • LE100-Series
  • LEH100-Series
  • LEH150-Series
  • LEH200-Series
  • XL Series (Explosion-Proof)

To learn more about Liberty Pumps sewage pumps, click the link below.

Grinder Pumps

Liberty Pumps grinders meet the demanding needs of commercial and residential sewage applications where difficult solids handling ability is crucial. The Omnivore Series feature a patented V-Slice® Cutter Technology which provides a unique cutting advantage to handle the most challenging debris. These Grinders are well engineered to ensure optimal performance and are available in various voltages.

Complete product line includes:

  • LSG-Series Omnivore®
  • LSGX-Series Omnivore®
  • XLSG-Series Omnivore®
  • XLSGX-Series Omnivore®
  • PRG-Series
  • Retrofit Grinder Systems

To learn more about Liberty Pumps grinders, click the link below.