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Custom Pump & Controls provides high quality water pump and control equipment to water, wastewater, and stormwater industries. Our partnerships with several of the industry’s top manufacturers allows us to provide you with the highest-quality products, expert integration, and unmatched service & support.

Below is a list of our partner brands. If you’d like to get more information for your next project or request a quote, please contact us today. Our experienced team is happy to help.

Our Brands

Myers engineered submersible solids handling pumps, grinder pumps and reciprocating pumps are manufactured for municipal, commercial and industrial global markets. 

With engineering features that offers extended operational life over traditional designs, Tsurumi offers a unique design that fits all types of customer’s wastewater and sewage applications.

Newly developed Tsurumi wastewater process equipment are effective not ony in stabilizing processing and increasing treatment speeds but also in reducing costs and conserving energy.

Known for its commitment to quality, Barmesa has been an industry mainstay since 1953, specializing in manufactures submersible solids handling pumps as well as grinder pumps.

Barmesa serves markets such as marine, commercial, municipal, wastewater, water, industrial, construction, utility, chemical, OEM, irrigation, dewatering flood control, fire protection, as well as many other applications.

Clay-Greene manufactures a complete line of packaged pumping stations that have a proven design used in hundreds of installation sites. Some of the benefits of their pump stations include a tried-and-true design, stellar performance, worry-free installation and up-front pricing for each package.

For pre-engineered pump stations, they offer the ES, VI, VT, EES and EVI series. Each of these are designed to deliver exceptional performance within set parameters. Pre-engineered stations can be transformed into a complete package by furnishing it in fiberglass or concrete enclosures. After enclosures are added, the only required components are a connection to electrical power and suction/discharge piping.

Power-Flo Pumps & Systems provides the finest products maintaining consistent high quality standards, premium materials of construction, and commercially available components supported by services which meet and exceed industry standards.

Power-Flo Pumps & Systems provides an extensive offering of pumps and related products serving the plumbing, industrial, commercial, municipal, decorative water, utility and dewatering markets. They manufacture submersible sump, effluent, sewage, grinder, cutter, non-clog, fountain and dewatering pumps and also frame mounted self-priming and end-suction pumps.

Liberty Pumps is an ISO 9001 certified company. This certification requires Liberty to demonstrate that its Quality System provides pumps that meet customer needs. It also aims to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement. At regular intervals, Liberty Pumps Quality System undergoes a rigorous external audit by the multinational registrar Bureau Veritas Quality International.

Liberty Pumps is committed to building customer enthusiasm through on-going advancements in design, manufacturing, marketing, delivery, and support of their products!

Carver Pump is dedicated to building American-made pumps with military-grade precision to accommodate highly developed specifications.

Their centrifugal pumps live up to the most demanding engineering specifications and military standards in the world.

PRIMEX® provides exceptional engineered control solutions for water and wastewater clients. With thousands of installations across North America, nearly a century of expertise, and hundreds of combined years of engineering and electrical controls experience, PRIMEX® provides control solutions using the latest technology to deliver energy efficient and cost-effective systems.

Ohio Electric Control creates custom control solutions for industrial and water management applications. They also retrofit control panels for pump OEMs.

Signals by CPC provides access to AT&T FirstNet network, 12 input/outputs including pump run times, and iQ2 by LEC, inc. monitoring platform.

TOPP offers quality sewage basins, sump basins and wastewater basins made of fiberglass and polyethylene that provide answers for both budget and performance.

This includes a complete line of polyethylene, fiberglass and structural foam wastewater, sump and sewage basins, lids, covers. They also offer lift stations, septic tank risers, rail systems, uniseals and more. All of their products are built to handle your sump, sewage and wastewater distribution needs.

US Supplies offers various products such as riveted grates & welded grates, curb inlet top type frames, ditch bottom inlet type grating, skimmers for outlet control structure, U-type concrete end-wall grating, airport welded grates & frames, lift station product lines, hatches, mounting plates & brackets, pipe supports, etc – aluminum baffles, weirs, slide gates, sluice gates, handwheels, trench drain grating, manatee grates, aluminum I-bar grates along with a complete line of aircraft, vehicular traffic and pedestrian loading hatches.

Anchor Scientific Inc. manufactures and distributes a variety of sensors and controllers for the wastewater pumping industry. Liquid level float switches, control panels, alarms, and junction boxes are in stock and available for municipal, commercial, and residential applications.

We carry two primary Ixom mixers:

The GridBee® AP500 mixer helps keep solids—such as wipes—in suspension as sheets instead of clumps and prevents lift station pumps from clogging. Mixing also helps reduce H2S odors and corrosion as well as grease buildup.

The SolarBee® is a floating reservoir mixer/circulator that can achieve targeted, high-volume and long distance circulation completely on solar-power.

  • Package Pump Systems
  • Fiberglass Pump Systems
  • Grinder and Non‐Clog Systems
  • Pre-Piped Fiberglass Wet Wells
  • Seal Water Systems
  • Systems Built For Municipal Specs
  • Complete Skid Mounted Systems

Hydroflo Pumps manufactures, assembles and delivers the most dependable purpose-engineered pumps on the market, including all stainless steel/zero lead turbine pumps. We serve the agricultural, commercial, and municipal markets plus specialized markets such as mine dewatering and nuclear plant cooling towers. 

Hydroflo engineers pumps and systems for both large and small cities—working closely with the Corp of Engineers, Department of Natural Resources, and many city governments to provide specified pump projects. Hydroflo designs and delivers sewage pumps, storm water pumps, and potable water pumps for all of their engineered applications. They provide a standard, off-the-shelf zero lead pump.

Cherne is the global leader in pipe plugs and testing. All Cherne pneumatic and mechanical test plugs are made of 100% natural rubber.  This results in superior ability to conform to pipe surfaces, greater tensile strength, and longer working life.

Custom Basin Packages

CPC provides high quality, custom fiberglass lift stations and basin packages. They are built to order and designed specific to your needs.

Pre-piped fiberglass wet wells using Topp Industries fiberglass basins with submersible pump systems with grinder, cutter and non-clog options. Available with remote monitoring for overflow, power failure, run times, seal failure.